ADVKEN Vaper Carrying Pouch Bag


One of the BIG “pros” in this belt clip case is in relation to the numerous storage compartments as well as the size of the primary storage compartment. It holds a lot of stuff!

This belt clip allows you to either store one large device or multiple smaller devices in the primary storage compartment as well as a 30 ml bottle in the other storage compartment, and then a few small items (like an 18650 battery & an RTA) in the smaller compartments that’s located behind the primary storage compartment below the velcro flap which secures your device + tank in the belt clip. Additionally, due to the design / shape of the velcro flap you’re able to easily secure your device + tank into the belt clip without having to remove the tank from your device.

Well made and durable!. Batman would use this case.

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