the D

Straight outta Detroit, this is The White Rabbit’s take on an American Burley tobacco. The taste is full bodied and rich in nature and has a smooth honey finish to top it all off. Not as rich as some sweet tobaccos, instead it’s lighter in nature, and perfect to blend with fruits or creams.

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  1. Unquietdad

    Love it! Actually tastes like cigarettes. Just switched to e smoke and the flavour is better than the value brand I had been smoking.

  2. J.M. Sobieski

    This tobacco hits it out of the park. If you’re new to vaping and miss a non-menthol tobacco that doesn’t taste like a week-old ashtray, or a veteran vaper who still wants that spicy tobacco note that so many flavormasters just can’t seem to reach, stock up on this one. I could puff this one all day. 5/5.

  3. morgadaan

    I didn’t like this at first. I had tasted it before…no idea what it was called, but it was definitely familiar. Figuring that I’d bought a 60ml bottle and I’m not going to waste it, I just vaped it anyways.

    To me, there is no juice that truly tastes like cigarettes and this is no exception…cigarettes do not have a mildly sweet flavour, nor are they as full-bodied as this is. The more I vaped it, the more I came to appreciate it and now that I’m nearing the end of my bottle, I’m REALLY going to miss it :(

    After a day or so, I fell in love with this flavour. I give it 4 stars and will highly recommend it…farewell, my wonderful 60ml!!!

  4. Tammy

    I love this juice and it’s spicy note especially as I got ginger added to it which turned out to be a great combo.Found another all day vape which has been the case with almost all this companies juices I have tried!

  5. ophelie_1971

    Just like morgadaan, I did not like it at first puffs. Let it steep ! Now I love it !

  6. cjcanadian1975

    “The D” is most definitely the go to for me…. this flavor is most definitely one of my favorites always hits the crave hard . Cheers vapers!

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