The shining star of the tobacco family, RY4 has a light tobacco leaf taste with delicate hints of salted caramel and rich vanilla note to create sheer perfection. Some might call it a dessert type vape and others would call it a tobacco vape. What would you call it? A must try for all the tobacco lovers out there.

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  1. Raven

    This is a perfect blend of rich smokey flavour and the tang of vanilla with a mild sweet caramel tasted permeating through.

  2. Aric

    This is probably my favorite tobacco flav. The finish is sweet with a great after-taste.

  3. Ed

    This is my go to vape when I crave a smoke. Taste is perfect, not too sweet, not to strong. My wife basically stole it from me and she hated all other tobaccos we tried

  4. zedsdead

    Just got this today, I think I found a new all day vape

  5. trantix

    WOW, Ok guys if you like tobacco this one is for you, It is definitely a all day vape right to the last drop or perfect to vape right after dinner as a desert flav :) The caramel hint is just the right amount. I have tried RY4 from various venders but this one is by the the best, way to go Mike. Vape on and Vape in public !!!

  6. Fernando Carlos

    I have high expectations when it comes to RY4 and after several tries that were not to my liking, I think I found one brand that I will order again and again. The best part is mixing it with other flavors. My first order was with hazelnut, wonder what I will try next…

  7. Brenda

    My taste buds seem to be a bit picky on this one. Not getting a lot of caramel or vanilla (I can smell it in there though). I do not fault Mike or Alice for this one……this one is all me. This is the first tobacco favour I have tried since I quit smoking & started vaping in August 2015 so the tobacco is super strong for me…..I am going to order some caramel & vanilla to sweeten it up & tone it down a little more

  8. Samantha

    I didn’t think I would enjoy this as I am not a big tobacco flavour person, but I was wrong! If you have start having cravings for cigarettes this is a must in your collection as it takes the edge off with a modest tobacco/vanilla flavour!

  9. Biljana


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