Yar, this be a traditional pipe tobacco with a rich and earthy finish. The taste is multi-faceted with a dark woodsy backnote and is best steeped to allow time for the layers to merge together in perfection.

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  1. Raven

    Darker than the ‘french pipe’ this is a mild but complex flavour. Very true to pipe tobacco in both taste and ‘mouth feel’. The final, back of the tongue, flavour is lightly reminiscent of Black Pearl. This would mix superbly with cherry or blackberry. A new favorite without doubt.

  2. Ed

    Can’t believe I have found the perfect vape. Gives full satisfaction and flavour even at 6mg…LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF

  3. Tammy

    I love this flavor!Its robust and satisfies!I added Blackberry and cream to it and it’s wonderful.I think this is a wonderful choice for new vapors to help them off the stinkies! 5/5

  4. delutis

    My new all day vape…love the mild taste

  5. Alexandria

    This super smokey tobacco flavour is so satisfying and if you feel the need to soften it up a little, bavarian cream is the perfect match <3

  6. Sean

    Super smooth, amazing taste. Reminds me of a Colt. Great vape to go along with a nice glass of whiskey, and great as an all day vape!

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