Ice-Nine Menthol

Ex-smokers of menthol love this flavor, which reminds them of the minty back note of a menthol tobacco. Perfect on it’s own, but you can intensify the mint or tobacco elements by adding our Menthol or a secondary tobacco as a second flavor in a combo!

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  1. Jonathan

    I took a chance and ordered a 60ml my first time; I’m sure glad I did. The inhale is superb; it feels very much like a real menthol cigarette. It’s not quite as strong as I thought it would be, so I’ll be adding menthol to the next order, but that cooling sensation is awesome. The tobacco flavour is great, too, like always. However, if you have a weak stomach, you may want to ask for just a touch less flavour (definitely not half, just a bit less) or dilute it with straight PG or VG (you can get a bottle of either at any pharmacy, I paid $2.20 for 100ml of PG). I found it gave me a stomach ache after several hours of solid vaping (on a Velocity at 0.8ohms, ~37w; YMMV with other builds/attys/coils). At the end of the day, though, this stuff is a total ADV (if my stupid stomach would cooperate!) and I’m going to be ordering another 60ml, or perhaps a 120ml, next time I put in an order. 4/5.

  2. Jonathan

    I forgot to mention, this juice *requires* steeping for at least two weeks. I’m at roughly a month of steeping time now, and it’s phenomenal. Don’t let that first taste turn you off. :D

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