Honey Flue-Cured

imagine a big jar of lovely fine cut tobacco, something like a nice Burley/Turkish/Virginia blend, like what you might roll into cigarettes, not too strong, very golden, then pour a honey solution on it to get it good and wet, then leave it to dry in the jar for a few days. Now toss it with your fingers. A favorite amongst the tobacco vapes!

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  1. Alice

    A real treat!! smooth and sweet, it’s one of the biggest sellers for us. Very easy to vape this flavor right up!

  2. Michael

    Amazing Vape Truly Impressed hands down the best honey cured vape I have ever tried – great work Mike

  3. morgadaan

    God himself guided the hands of the person who came up with this recipe.

    That is all.

  4. trantix

    This one is a great treat, if you like honey and a smooth taste then this one is for you, definitely give it a try.

  5. Tammy

    Easily an all day vape!Love this flavor!Its got a nice honey taste with a great blend of tobacco tasteIts not overpowering and it’s going to be a constant in my rotation.In fact I was hoarding it when the bottle was low!I have some steeping now

  6. Ed

    Perfect in my epipe . Wonderful relaxing vape.

  7. Jonathan

    Wow! I don’t normally like tobacco flavours, but this one was great. It definitely needs to be steeped, but this is the e-juice that got me into tobacco flavours.

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