A tropical rendition of a tobacco flavor with slight hints of a sweet coconut and a tangy lime to give it an ‘Island Tobacco’, taste. Super smooth and ages well with the flavors intensifying with age. Add more coconut and lime to create more of a tropical and fruity bang, Castaway mixes well with most flavors.

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Rating: 4.3/5 (23 votes cast)
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  1. DaveQ

    Great first pick if you feel like you’ll miss the taste of tobacco. Very smooth.

  2. J.M. Sobieski

    This puts me on the beach with a rum punch, a Hunter S. Thompson book in my lap and the whirr of doctor birds in the air. This is a 2-week all-expenses vacation in a clearomizer; close your eyes and sail away on a sloop-rigged vapor cloud to Paradise. 5/5.

  3. Ron Brown

    I was not going to try any of the tobacco flavours but when FORCED to try this one I was overwhelmed – a very smooth and satisfying mix……I suggest adding extra coconut and lime to this one when ordering — what a great mix! and the smell is fantastic :)

  4. Alice

    Love love love this flavor! I cannot get enough of it, if I were on a deserted island (no pun intended) I would want this one to be there with me! A crisp tobacco mingling with hints of coconut that for me, are just right. Unique and great right off the bat. :D

  5. Ron Brown

    Always said I would NEVER use the tobacco juices UNTIL I tried the Castaway – What a great, savory, and smooth vape – great job, Mike :)

  6. Alexandria

    My new favourite! Mixed it with Peanut Butter to enhance the creamy nutty notes and it’s so delicious!

  7. Tammy

    Wow!Mild tobacco taste with a tartness from the lime and a hint of creamy coconut!
    This has to be one of the best tobacco flavors!Love this!!!Vaping heaven!

  8. Ryan

    I added coconut and lime 15 mg at max vg plus added some steep time and it was like magic! I cant believe how many different flavors I can pin point in this amazing vape!!!!!!! I swear sometimes I taste creamy peanut butter.
    Best vape Yet Thanks to the White Rabbit

  9. Ed

    Love this one as is. Very nice blend of coconut and lime with a touch of tobacco. One of my favourites.

  10. Jonathan

    I wasn’t expecting to like this juice, but wow, it’s great! It beats out your Cloven Hoof, even, and that’s been my favourite tobacco for a long time. I’m looking forward to seeing how the coconut and lime come out with some more steeping.

  11. Jonathan

    Update to my previous review: I refuse to order this juice in anything smaller than 60ml anymore. After about a month of steeping time, the lime *really* comes out! The tobacco got a bit smoother, so if you really miss the tobacco taste then you might want to add The D.

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