Black Pearl

Dark and woodsy tobacco with deep notes of a dark chocolate in an amount that just finishes off the rich tobacco taste. This flavor ages well and increases in intensity with steeping. A great base to mix with fruits, nuts, or creams.

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  1. J.M. Sobieski

    Very accurate portrayal of the real McCoy, and much like a true B&M cigar it’s almost a little too sweet for my tastes. However I chalk that up to Mike’s excellent mimicry; B&Ms are sweet; this tobacco is sweet. 4/5.

    Note from the White Rabbit: Doing a combo of this with Southern Star would tone down the sweet very nicely.

  2. captpln8

    I wasn’t a big fan of this mix.

  3. Raven

    I love this flavour mixed with the red wine or rum – each really combines with the chocolate overtones that come through amazingly well.
    If you have ever enjoyed a rumball at Christmas – do yourself a favor and try the Black Pearl mixed with Rum.

  4. ophelie_1971

    5 stars ! This one is my ADV !!! Not too sweet for me. Really really love it ! I bought the 240 ml 2x flavor ! Hummm !

  5. lynda

    Tastes very similar to black devil smokes I use to get as a treat from Holland When I smoked. I added Glazed donut & vanilla custard a very nice smooth inhale with a soft yet taste exhale.. A must try.. Will be ordering this again.. I personally like this better then southern star.. excellent blend.. :)

  6. Jonathan

    A sweet tobacco, with definite chocolate, licorice, and cherry and/or plum notes. A fantastic rendition of a cigarillo or a very sweet aromatic pipe tobacco. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one steeps up, because after only a week it’s already awesome. I’m getting this mixed with vanilla, cherry or Irish cream with my next order.

  7. Brandon

    Just bought this juice. Very impressed with the different and complex flavor. My new favorite. Would do well mixed with vanilla.

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