the Funk

The Funk is a living creature. It’s about the size of a medicine ball, but covered in teats. It came from another planet, and landed on my house. I was just a simple juicemaker, but I took a look at all those mauve titties and lost my mind and began to milk the Funk. Made myself some Funk juice. Began to feel fizzy inside. I found I could see ’round corners. Suddenly, I passed out. But when I came to, baby, I was slapping a bass guitar fast and loose like some kind of delirious, funky priest.

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  1. Alice

    I’ll admit, I’ve tried The Funk! lol It’s really not bad!! Made me feel kinda fruity! :D I dared The Funk, would you?!! Really it is interesting :D

  2. captpln8

    Yep, the funk is fruity right now. Who knows what it will be next month?

  3. neil

    Just filled a tank with The Funk and I’m extremely impressed, the mega-mix of a bit of everything has a very definite taste of Juicy Fruit…HI-5 !!!

  4. kyle

    Welp, the funk is… funky.

    It comes off with an almost fruit punch tone. After a few good vapes, you can really taste a grape to it. You could sit there for hours, and every vape you notice something new – then a few vapes later you cant seem to find flavors you thought were there. Its definitly interesting. Try it! Its cheap!

  5. Tim

    Well I dared The Funk. It’s awesome. boozy, chocolatlely and fruity right now. Love how you taste something different each vape and the price you can’t beat!

  6. Terry

    This flavor truly is funky! It’s like a different experience after each hit, a little fruity, a little savoury but still sweet. Love it!

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