Everyone should try a freshly cooked pepperoni pizza in a bottle at least once in their life. Layers of bubbling cheese, a tangy sauce and a crispy crust make you think that you are grabbing a slice of this fast food staple. Commonly compared to Pizza flavored Combo crackers.

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  1. Alice

    No doubt, this is a pizza combo snack flavor completely. :D Very very tasty, not one to miss out on should you have the chance! :D Do you dare the pizza!!! :D

  2. Ed

    Bought it, just because. Turns out I like it, not an all day vape but it is very yummy.

  3. Tessa

    It really tastes like pizza! Which I can’t eat, so thank you for bringing pizza back into my life!

  4. hoh4lyfe

    its soooooo bad!!!!

  5. myeternalnight

    This is an interesting flavor. But good.

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