Dill Pickle

Pop the top off of a jar of pickles and bite into a crunchy and pickled cuke with a strong dill finish. Commonly described as tasting like a dill pickle chip.

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  1. Alexandria

    Great for vaping while you drink a Caesar! Salty and flavourful!

  2. kyle

    Very mild, if you want a STRONG sense of Dill, I’d do 1.5/2x flavor. However, it is a delicious vape. Not overwhelming by any sense of the word. I could actually see this being an all day vape. To me, it feels like eating the pickle after lunch. Great flavor Mike!

  3. Karik

    I taste dill, no pickle. I didn’t really expect this to be an all day vape, but I really don’t like it much </3

  4. Caleb

    Favorite flavour for an all day vape I mix in sour for a second flavour for that extra bite. 1.5x if you want a strong dill taste.

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