Buttered Corn

Perfectly cooked on barbecue and dripping with freshly salted butter. This flavor will take you back to barbecues with friends on warm days and being at the lake.

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  1. Shannon

    When I got this flavour I half expected it to just taste like buttered popcorn. I didn’t expect the light sweetness that came with it or the slight… an almost char flavour to it. Definitely reminds me of fresh corn off the BBQ it’s well worth trying out!

  2. Mollie

    Okay, so this was strange at first, maybe because my brain wanted it to taste more like popcorn and it didn’t, it tasted like corn on the cob. I could smell it when i opened the bag that my order came packed in, it doesn’t have a ‘fresh’ smell or taste, it sort of tastes like… corn that has been sitting for a bit, like the last one on the plate, and has cooled down a lot. Now, this is not a bad thing at all, not sure how anyone could get it to taste like ‘hot’ cotc, but it tastes exactly, like corn, could use a bit of salt and pepper imo, but heck, it is sweet corn on the cob, minus the cob taste, lol.

  3. lynda

    When I got Buttered corn I thought it would taste liked buttered corn on the cob , It does, The taste is incredible. This is my new favorite . I crave this & No not preggo.. lol .. It has a bit of a sweetness to it. For something different I add caramel sometimes with it. This flavor is a must try.. Amazing taste..

  4. ivanhenwood

    Amazing and original. This is a very unique taste. What was unexpected was the slightly “charred” taste at the end. I like to add a bit of Bavarian Cream to this flavour–the result is a mild “corn pudding” taste and has become my new favourite flavour.

  5. Jonathan

    This stuff is amazing. I regret only ordering a 15ml bottle. The inhale is an excellent corn on the cob with butter flavour, and there’s this interesting grilled note on the exhale that I’ve never run into. It’s also not overly sweet, which is excellent. This is a stupidly easy 5/5.

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