Crunchy flakes of corn with a sugary finish to take you back to your youth. A perfectly simple, cereal vape that is light and airy and can even be paired with many different fruits to create something new. THEY’RE GR-R-ROOVY!

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Rating: 4.2/5 (6 votes cast)
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  1. Atom

    Delicious! As with any VapeMe flavour it tastes EXACTLY as advertised, spot on! My compliments to the chef!

  2. lynda

    Fanfabulous flavor, Tastes just like sugar flakes, Great job on all the wonderful Flavors!!

  3. simon

    The best tasting cereal ever. That is all.

  4. Jonathan

    This stuff is good, but it doesn’t have very much complexity. It tastes exactly as advertised, but I’d recommend this stuff be used in a mix, perhaps with Glazed Donut or a breakfast-type fruit (Strawberry, Blueberry, etc.). 4/5.

  5. Winston

    Great juice. I’ve been vaping this daily for over nine months. It has a nice sweet and creamy inhale with a sweet corn flake exhale. Tastes spot on. Great job with this.

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