The Strawberry, queen of fruits is rumored to have started a revolution in the fairy tale with her saucy sweetness and a hint of ‘bad girl’ tart. She is very sweet on her own but turns into something else entirely when you mix her with chocolate or banana or even a simple cream. What will the queen turn into for you?

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  1. HerekittyKitty

    I Love this Flavor all on its own!!! It also mixes sweetly with Chocolate! I’m curious to see which other flavors it goes well with :)

  2. MikeDrouillard

    This is such a real flavour, I found myself rubbing tongue over my teeth to make sure there were no seed sticking to them :)

    Mixes great with Bavarian Cream – looking forward to trying with chocolate and/or banana

  3. Jane

    I love this strawberry with peanut butter, yummy

  4. KellySchwab

    The strawberry is my “go to” flavour. I order this one EVERY time. I love the flavour and it is nice and mild. I could vape this one forever and never get sick of it.

    It also mixes well with all kinds of other flavours, cheesecake, vanilla cupcake, peanut butter….I could go on and on with the possibilities.

    My review in one word…..AWESOME!!!

  5. kyle

    I like it cause its fresh strawberry. Other strawberrys I’ve purchased from elsewhere come out tasting like a milkshake. This tastes the way a fresh container of strawberries smells.

  6. debbie_smo

    Thank you! Thank you! I have tried 4 distributors and finally a strawberry that tastes like strawberry! Highly recommend.

  7. Alice

    Incredible with Cinnamon Roll, absolutely incredible! The combo is complex and spicy, it reminded me of a crumbly strudel dessert. You MUST try it!

  8. Brendon

    This is going to be added to every order I make, soo good! The most realistic strawberry I’ve tried, very true to the real thing. Added vanilla custard, what a combo! I Can’t wait to try it with other flavours

  9. allansmith055

    Absolutely love it. Tastes like a fresh ripe strawberry. Would recommend a 1.5x flavor though as I find the flavor very mild. Still great though.

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