Best described as a mix between a sour cherry with hints of tart cranberry and a woodsy grape. The perfect sour with a smidgen of sweetness and excellent when paired with other flavors as a base.

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  1. TheFro

    Tried it at 70/30 the vapour really makes people a bit uncomfortable but when they smell it, you’ll get a huge amount of compliments about people who know exactly why you are “vaping” and alot of curious questions of people that have no idea what your doing. If you are a single man I highly suggest you try this flavor in a pub or a loungue type setting. It smells Amazing. To be fair years of smoking and having tried 50/50 I think my toungue is dead. But from what other people say it smells fantastic.

  2. Alexandria

    Super delicious, not too sweet with just the right amount of tartness! Juicy and aromatic, I’m in love! (goes great with green apple too)

  3. danny

    ADV for sure! its verry pleasing to the taste buds ;)

  4. Edster74

    This stuff is DEAD ON!!!!, WOW!!!, I mixed mine with Ice 55/45 and it has come very close to a new ADV, (Sweetarts #1). Love It!!!

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