Vibrant and tropical with a perfect balance between sweet and tart and bursting with big flavor. Pineapple is a perfect add-on to another flavor and is great on a hot and lazy day.

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  1. Alice

    Pineapple is a very mellow flavor, it’s sweetness isn’t overpowering and you can mix this with a great deal of other flavors, I like to mix this with dunhill or peach. By itself is just as good, tasty with no throat hit.

  2. MikeDrouillard

    Nice and tangy sweet by itself but fantastic mixed with coconut as a pina colada suitable for the beach

  3. Kevin

    Very good, just like a mouth full of fresh pineapple

  4. macdnlds

    Love it with extra sweetener. My favorite!

  5. stef.1973

    I like this one. Nice and full of flavor. Yum!

  6. sam-noonan

    I am loving this flavor. So good will be buying more of this next time for sure.

  7. Rob

    the best and only pineapple to get i’ve tried others i always come back to this mix it with his blueberry x2

  8. Lee-van

    one of my favorites for sure. love it!

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