Straight from the south, this fuzzy flavor is mildly sweet with a hint of tart and like a nectarine all grown up. It took rays of sunshine to make it perfect!

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Rating: 4.4/5 (17 votes cast)


  1. Edster74

    Very Awesome Flavor….(Me personally, I like with extra shot of flavor) 4/5!!!!!

  2. sam-noonan

    Very good, which surprised me since i’m not exactly a peach person, so i thought i’d order to mix a bit in with other flavors but it is really good on its own. Go figure lol.

  3. Alexandria

    This is one of my go to mixes, from southern star tobacco or sweettarts, it adds that perfect touch to anything!

  4. Alexandria

    Especially lemonade.
    <3 Peach Lemonade <3

  5. talenjada

    its good… just a little faint for me… next time im doubling the flavor shot

  6. Kevin

    Amazing flavour, my favourite so far!!!! 5 Stars. Bigmacbear

  7. Samantha

    My go to Flavour! This is an amazing ADV with a REAL peach taste 10/10

  8. Eldon

    This is one of my all time favorite flavours. I tried Peach / Mango from another company and it was good. So I tried the same combination with The White Rabbit and wow what a big difference. Love this Peach with Mango on its own with nothing else added. Why mess with a great vape juice?

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