A rich and tangy full-bodied concord grape deserving of the name, ‘Foxy,’ redolent of Welch’s grape juice.

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Rating: 4.9/5 (8 votes cast)


  1. Ron Brown

    FUNNY – this one smells like Dymatap and I thought I would hate it LOL – but the taste is simply amazing — so smooth and satisfying ….and OF COURSE a great mix with ICE :)

  2. Michael

    Best vape I have ever tried my new fav. It reminds me of hubba bubba grape gum…

  3. Jeff

    My #1 flavour! Grape will remain a permanent fixture in my flavour collection!

  4. Greg

    Grape is awesome! All I want to do is vape this all day! For sure my favourite so far!!

  5. Joshua

    Vape does smell a bit like Dymatap but tastes amazing. Good all day vape. One of my favourites.

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