Fresh out of the field, fresh and bursting with a hint of sweet and a hint of tart. This is nature at her finest.

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  1. Ron Brown

    Blueberry ICE is one of my favs – very fruity and satisfying :)

  2. Michael

    2 thumbs up the blueberry taste just like a blueberry lol honestly your spot on with your blends keep up the awesome work

  3. sam-noonan

    I have tried other blueberries in the past and never cared for them. So glad I ordered 30ml of this one, it is fantastic!! Thanks again for making great flavors.

  4. Joshua

    Such a good vape one of my favourites! Tastes exactly like blueberry.

  5. Andrew

    good for multiplying. have enjoyed with “honey flue cured tobacco”, “watermelon”, and even “chocolate”.

  6. averyvisentin

    This blueberry is ejuice is the best blueberry one that I’ve tried yet. Very flavourful and sweet. I’d recommend this if you love fruits and even if you don’t! 10\10

  7. James

    Perfect Diketone free , ejuice get bare clouds and sweet flavour

  8. saphyre24

    Hi have been a customer for over year and have tried many flavor combinations but my all time favorites have to be three quarters coconut with sweetener with one quarter blueberry times 1.5 or half cream Filled snack and blueberry times 1.5.

  9. lynda

    I am not a fan of blueberries. However I do enjoy the taste of this vape, Has a sweet taste to it. very nice

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