Freshly picked off a wild vine and bursting with a slightly sweet start and a hint of tart on the end.

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  1. HerekittyKitty

    Blackberry is delicious and mixes extremely well with peanut butter! I’ve also tried it with Raspberry and …. Strawberry to give it a mixed berry kinda taste Amazing…. Great job guys!

  2. Alice

    I cannot say enough about blackberry, bright and deep, it suckles the taste buds for sure! I’ve combined blackberry with peanut butter and also with bavarian cream, and it’s gorgeous any way you vape it!

  3. Ron Brown

    THIS one if my favourite mixed with ICE — just a fantastic juice for every day :) Great job on this one!!

  4. Alexandria

    So sweet and juicy! I can’t wait to try mixing this one but it’s so amazing on it’s own too!

  5. Alan

    My first Vape, I may never try another. Perfection!

  6. endesha

    I really love this one! True to blackberry and very sweet …just the way I like my juice!

  7. Alice

    Mixed it with Redbull!! A perfect pairing! You have to try it!

  8. Alexandria

    Great with cheesecake but stands out on it’s own! I’ll never get sick of this flavour!

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