Honeynut Hoops

Crispy rounds of oats with a nutty backnote and a hint of milk and honey in layers that remind you of a bowl of cereal right in front of you. This flavor is also great paired with fruits and some dessert flavors.

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  1. shubisaleafsfan

    This is great. It tastes just like grabbing a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios, and popping them in your mouth.

  2. White Rabbit

    Just like Honey Nut Cheerios, wonder how Banana would go with this…

  3. estellelandry

    Absolutely delicious, that’s exactly the cereal flavour I was looking for. Thanks Mike for another little mastepiece.

  4. Tyler

    First time writing a review cuz this flavor was so tremendous i had to., even though I just got it so no steeping yet.

    Tastes just like cheerios as said in the other review, and i got it mixed with banana split which is a fire combo. the banana split is kinda strong right now but all the flavors go good together. Gotta let it steep

    Def highly recommended, straight up one of the best flavours out there that i’ve tried. Dont sleep on this one!

  5. Bruce

    My new favourite night time vape! will definitely be ordering a bigger bottle next time !

  6. Lee-van

    pretty good, tastes just like the cereal. good job

  7. averyvisentin

    This has slowly become my all time favourite flavour. Very rich flavour and it pairs surprisingly well with Caramel Mocha Frappe and sometimes a little bit of Vanilla. My only complaint is that I didn’t buy a bigger bottle.

  8. lynda

    Tastes Just like Honey nut Cheerios , Love it, Also tastes Great with Strawberry/ Banana , You out did yourself!!

  9. Winston

    Been vaping this daily for over a year…man it’s good. Exactly like the cereal. Milky honey inhale with a light sweet and oaty exhale. The only time this comes out of my tank is to change it up with Sugarflakes so I don’t get numb to the flavour. Best juice I’ve ever vaped. Well done. (slow clap).

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