Plain mildly sweet yogurt. Creamy and tangy as any good yogurt should be! Wonderful by itself, it’s a smooth ADV, but the madness begins when you start making combinations! Created deliberately plain and mildly sweet, it’s a perfect base to add pretty much anything to!

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  1. MikeDrouillard

    Not only a great flavour on its own – but incredible when mixed with any fruit ~ I’ve tried Strawberry Banana Blueberry and Pear fantastic with of them

  2. Raven

    I am amazed at how perfectly dead on this flavor is – I don’t know why I’m amazed, The White Rabbit always gets it dead on but still, vaping this, is like a spoonful of yogurt in your mouth. The best part of this flavor is that it mixes smoothly with Everything!

  3. harland.amy

    I acquired Yogurt + Peach by chance, and wasn’t too sure of it… a local shop had a yogurt flavour I had tried a few months ago, and it honestly made me sick to my stomach. But I figured Hey, What The Hell? It’s The White Rabbit…. He Always Gets It Right!
    It’s now my Go-To vape. I’ve just ordered Yogurt without a second flavour, and can’t wait to try it out!

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