Vanilla Custard

Rabbit approved and new and improved, this flavor is a diacetyl free version of an old favorite. Rich vanilla bean is added to a creamy custard base and the result is an amazing inhale and exhale experience. This flavor stands all on its own and is also great paired as a mixer with so many other flavors on our menu. As with multi-layer dessert vapes, this flavor is great to vape right off, but if you’ve got the patience to give this one a few days to a week to steep, it just keeps getting better!

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Rating: 4.5/5 (13 votes cast)


  1. Raven

    Amazingly spot on. Even the scent of the vapour is startlingly Custard. This is not pudding but honest custard flavoured. My wife loves it mixed with lemon.
    It has become her new favorite.

  2. Tammy

    It’s still in the steeping process but I snuck a taste.What I can tell you is its perfection
    I can’t imagine what another week will do.Creamy vanilla with a nice sweetness without being too sweet!Beautiful balance of flavours!

  3. sam-noonan

    I have to steep it of course but I also had to try a bit and I know now I will have a hard time letting it steep lol, so delicious. So I mixed some in with cinnamon and wow, super super good too. Thanks again for another amazing flavour.

  4. Mike

    I am a self professed Custard freak! I have tried over 15 Custards in the past 3 months. I spent $100 for 90 ml of the world famous Grants or GVC. I tried this one a few days in and thought it was OK. I tried it again 3 weeks later and WOW!!!! I need more !! I have vaped 70 mls in a week!!! THIS SIMPLY ROCKS!!!! In my mind way better than Grants!!!!!!! WELL DONE guys!!!

  5. danny

    yea the reviews are right! great smell and great taste!
    its one of those flavours that you can still smell while vaping!

  6. Alexandria

    This flavour surprised me with how tasty it was. I don’t even like custard but this tastes so good! I love to mix it with dulce de leche to create a sort of flan flavour. Super delicious!

  7. ophelie_1971

    Oh my god !!! I cant live without Black Pearl, now I cant live without Vanilla Custard !!!!!!!!!!!! My god, this is so awesome !!!!!!!! Why have I ordered only a 15 ml bottle???? This juice is so good, so creamy, so smoothe ! I did not gave it time to steep, cant wait to vape it :-( I just cant stop filling my tank lollll I’ve been searching for that kind of taste for almost 9 month ! I found it here ! Mike, you are the best ! Thank you.

  8. Bruce

    Love it!!! very smooth and tasty!

  9. ldbonnar

    You are done shopping empty your cart of all juice and just get as big a bottle of this wonderful juice as you can.

  10. Joanne

    Extraordinary flavor, I can’t wait till it’s steeped a bit, because it’s awesome from the get go! Vapeme has the best flavors I’ve ever had and I’ve bought a lot of e-juice! lol Thanks for the superb juices Vapeme!!!

  11. Samantha

    A full and hearty custard flavour! This juice would probably mix well with just about anything, I personally love to add strawberry or peach.

  12. aferguson4

    one of my fav flavors ever! always gets better. id suggest leaving it on its own or mixing with cookie

  13. lancekrug90

    Absolutely love vanilla custard!!! I can vape this flavour and never get tired of it. Definitely in my top 3!!!

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