Vanilla Cupcake

Light and fluffy vanilla cake with a sweet inhale and a vanilla infused exhale to finish it off to perfection. This flavor mixes with almost anything ranging from Strawberry, Chocolate, Creams and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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  1. Edster74

    This is another “Always Get” that is welcomed in my home. My fiance (who doesn’t smoke) actually wants to start vapeing when she smelt this in the house.!

  2. endesha

    Simply delicious and makes a great sweetener! I love it with Sweetarts!

  3. Debra

    Yum! One of my favourites! The deserts are my favourite flavours, and this is at the top of the list!! I could vape this all day long.

  4. Ed

    Very tasty on its own, but add lemon…freakin great!!!

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