Sweet and Tart Candy

Alice’s all day vape and we sure can see why. Candied rockets – sweet and slightly tart with a chalky finish just like the real thing. This flavor is best steeped for at least a week and you’ll know it’s done when; the color deepens to a lightly colored pink.

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Rating: 4.5/5 (24 votes cast)


  1. Alice

    Light & sweet, a spot on replica of the candy. Sweettarts is by far my favorite flavor and has been since I first had it 8 months ago. I still use it everyday. This juice takes about one week to reach it’s full potency & is dark pink in color. I recommend this flavor to everyone!

  2. HerekittyKitty

    Can You say Ammmazzing! You guys hit the nail on the head with this one! I would recommend it to everyone who still enjoys The candy Sweettarts!

  3. Edster74

    This is definately on my “Always Get” List. I absolutely love the taste of real Sweettarts and I feel no guilt when I vape. Perfect for those dieters out there that have a sweet tooth.!!!!!!

  4. MikeDrouillard

    just like the candy – which is a little strong for me solo – but mix it with any fruit ( tried it with a bunch) and it “candifies” that fruit nicely

  5. endesha

    I love this juice! I think it’s a dead on match to Sweettarts. I’m kind of a sweet junkie so enjoy it even more with Bavarian cream and/or vanilla cupcake!

  6. Raven

    The way my mouth reacted to this flavour was almost confusing due to its dead on capture of the candy. Every time I vape it though, I get more and more hooked on the flavour. It has quickly become a favorite!

  7. Alexandria

    This one became my all time favourite immediately. Delicious right away and even better after steeping! I’ve mixed it with green apple and also with pomegranate for a little extra juiciness and it was amazing but I still prefer it untainted because it’s absolutely perfect on it’s own.

  8. kyle

    Flavour is spot on, a little stronger throat hit compared to other flavors same strength. Very sweet, so not going to be an all day vape for me. It is delish though.

  9. sam-noonan

    I threw this one in my order as a last minute decision and very glad i did. Super good.

  10. Jeff

    Delicious! It tastes as though you just popped a roll of the candy but without the crazy sugar rush!

  11. Tammy

    Wow!Totally taste like the name suggests!
    I added green apple and lime for extra tartness!its great I’m just trying to leave it alone for the steeping process

  12. Chris

    My ADV for the last few months, absolutely spectacular. Exactly like the candy without being too sweet, the scent always peaks peoples interest. Has a nice throat hit.

  13. Brenda

    Not too sweet & has that oh so familiar slightly chalky taste on the exhale. Spot on & fabulous tasting! Has a nice throat hit too…I miss that!!!

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