A delicious blend of water mint and spearmint with a hint of a sweet candy back note. Cool and refreshing and a perfect after dinner vape. Add our Ice or Menthol additives to make it even colder!

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  1. jobe519

    Awesome flavour with ice added. Very refreshing taste.

  2. Raven

    Nice fresh flavour. Wakes up the mouth and leaves a clean fresh taste.

  3. Alexandria

    This was all I could vape while sick! Mixed it with Ice and it was so soothing!

  4. kyle

    Amazing on its own. Ordered 50/50 0mg for my wife who is trying as of today to go nic free. This flavor reminds me of the throat hit you get when you bum a menthol cigarette off a friend. It is absolutely delicious on its own. 10/10.

  5. Ed

    This tastes to me just like a fresh mint leaf, stem and all. I used to have a garden and grew mint. This brings back memories of pick a leaf a chewing on it…Perfect

  6. King of Hearts

    Peppermint with ice has been my all-day vape for years. It goes good with everything, any time of day. Cool and refreshing. Nothing beats it.

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