Peanut Butter

We’ve got all of you Peanut Butter lovers covered with this rich and nutty flavor favorite. The taste is creamy and smooth and pairs with so many other flavors. This is one of our most popular dessert vapes.

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  1. HerekittyKitty

    Peanut Butter is an excellent choice and mixed with Blackberry was deeeellliiccious! As if you were reliving your childhood with a old fashioned PB & J sandwich. Amazing taste these two flavors i will Always get.

  2. endesha

    I love love this flavor. It tastes just like it and I added strawberry to it. The strawberry is fresh tasting and makes a great combo! Highly recommend!

  3. Nikki

    This is my absolute favorite all day vape. Mixed with grape, it’s incredible. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Atom

    I’m loving this flavour! I highly recommend it. As with all VapeMe ejuice it is a great vape that doesnt have any unnecessary dyes and doesn’t clog up my atty like the competitions juices usually do. I have yet to mix it with anything but I think it would go well with a tobacco blend.

  5. Alice

    Unbelievably delicious. Hands down one of my top 3 flavor choices. A true peanut flavor, smooth and uber tasty. Mixes with every fruit in a seductive way. :D A hit! 5 stars!!

  6. Alexandria

    One of my favourites! So delicious on it’s own! Mixed with Chocolate or Fudge Brownie is great! Currently mixing it with Clove tobacco, too good!

  7. Alexandria

    Also great with Castaway tobacco!

  8. kyle

    Tastes like a toasted peanut butter sandwich. Smooth and creamy. Looking forward to mixing this with Banana, and strawberry (separately). Probably not the best all day vape, while the flavor is delicious, the smells of peanut butter fills the room so some people may complain lol.

  9. kyle

    Update to my review; Mixed with Banana is probably one of the most tasty things I’ve ever inhaled. I did a 50/50 mix because PB is so strong compared to the banana – I wanted to be able to taste both flavors.

  10. sam-noonan

    one of my faves, mixed with a bit of bavarian cream and a bit of chocolate fudge brownie. Soooo good. Vape this every day.

  11. Lorna

    This is my absolute favourite flavour! Must have 2X flavour version. Mixed with cheesecake or chocolate is omg! Perfect for any peanutbutterholic <3 <3

  12. lynda

    I got the peanut butter and strawberry , I must say it is bang on taste just like a PB & jam sandwich so smooth . I will certainly be buying more and a bigger bottle a must try AMAZING…

  13. harland.amy

    Exactly like licking PB off a spoon!

  14. Lisa

    Peanut_Butter is an amazing, all-day vape, which has many options to mix with, even PB&J, but every time I order, I ensure that my 30mL of “Peanut Butter + Banana + Honey” is added immediately! <3

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