Mint Chocolate Chip

Fresh mint teams up with milk chocolate chips and sits on a layer of vanilla bean ice cream to create something amazing. A creamy, icy cool on the exhale makes for the perfect ice cream vape with a minty flair.

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  1. Edster74

    I swear it was like I was eating a bowl of it…!!!! Perfect combination of mint and chocolate. WOW!!!

  2. Crystal

    Tastes just like my favorite childhood treat! The flavor is spot on Mint chocolate chip with a PERFECT balance of both flavors. This is an ADV for me. Goes great with coffee.

  3. danny

    its my fav ice cream and now my fav vape! i keep a chamber just for this stuff!

  4. Madelaine

    Tastes exactly like the ice cream. Well made!

  5. talenjada

    nailed it….. top 5 adv

  6. Maxwell

    I love this stuff, one of my ADVs! You get a nice refreshing blast of mint flavour with a smooth chocolate aftertaste. Totally reminds me of the delicious green ice cream we’ve all come to know and love!

  7. biilllyyyy

    My tastebuds must be a little off, I don’t get mint ice cream with chocolate like you guys. For me this is a Areo green chocolate bar which is fine by me cause that’s my favorite treat. Either way get some its delish!!!

  8. Jordyn

    Tastes exactly like the delicious ice cream. Also, for me, it was a nice transition from menthol cigs.

  9. Karen

    Love! ?

  10. lynda

    I wasn’t sure about this only cause of my COPD cause of the mint. But bought a small bottle to try. I must say OMG it is amazing tastes just like the ice cream. It was so good I had to order a bigger bottle Amazing taste. Also good with vanilla custard..

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