Juicy Gum

Some call it a flavor combination of pineapple and banana, others say it tastes like jackfruit, all we know is that it’s gonna move ya, it’s got a taste that gets right through ya.

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  1. Alice

    Be still my vape heart! Completely spot on the the chewable version! Delish! I ignored this one for a bit and I regret doing so, I vaped through a 15ml bottle in 3 days. It’s super tasty and satisfying. Fruity and refreshing. :D Two Alicey Thumbs Up!

  2. Debra

    So good! Got this on my first order and went through the bottle very quickly because it’s that good! Taste is spot on.

  3. DAYNA

    This is definitely my favourite vape !! Delicious!!

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