Cotton Candy

That sugary sweet spun sugar carnival confection, in vape form! Cotton Candy is excellent right off, but give it a few days steep time to let it really smooth out and shine. If you love Cotton Candy, you have to try ours, you can almost taste the sugar melting on your tongue! The White Rabbit suggests you do not use the 1.5x or 2x flavor option on this one.

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  1. Greg

    If you have NOT yet tried this, but you like/enjoy/lovee cotton candy then I suggest you get on it and not miss out!! This one is spot on and a greattt vape…awesome cotton candy flavour!!! Ill be re-buying when I run out :)

  2. Alexandria

    Not only does this perfectly match the flavour of cotton candy but I SWEAR it has the same dissolving mouth-feel. Every puff brings me back to the carnival as a kid, I can almost hear the bells and whistles from the rides!

  3. Stacey

    I am a cotton candy lover and this is the best cotton candy eliquid I have tried yet! The taste is so close to the real thing, you feel like you can actually taste the candy in your mouth. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Lacie

    I’ve waited a long time for Cotton Candy to arrive, and it was worth the wait! This is my favorite all day vape, hands down. Spot on taste, very yummy!

  5. cjcanadian1975

    Love this flavor, I like to add it to “the D ” tobacco flavor. It tobacco with a hint of sweet cotton candy at the end …. very good . Cheers vapers!

  6. Joanne

    This flavor is incredible! I can’t seem to stop vaping it lol It really does taste exactly like cotton candy – I’ll definitely be back for me :D

  7. daniel

    Very interesting flavor :) 2x’s flavor is a bit strong for me but still very tasty!! Will be getting regular if not 1.5xs next time ;)

  8. harland.amy

    I got this flavour by chance, and was leery… normally I’m a fruit flavour girl, and was worried that this would be too sweet for me…. until I tried it! Like cotton candy melting on my tongue, but without that sick feeling you get from eating too much pure sugar. PERFECT! This is the flavour I get the most comments on when I vape it at work… everyone loves when I bring Cotton Candy out to the smoke hut!

  9. lancekrug90

    If you love cotton candy you need too try this!! You won’t be disappointed! Top 3 for sure!!

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