Cinnamon Roll

Fresh out of the oven and dripping with a sugary icing; no sticky fingers needed. The cinnamon is light and freshly glazed with a buttery goodness that is rich and oh, so satisfying. You can almost smell them baking in the oven.

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  1. Alice

    Rich and delightful. I’m not a Huge cinnamon fan but I loved having this as an all day vape. The bakery fresh hits never stopped amazing me. Any true cinnamon fan will appreciate this one. :D

  2. Jason

    This is a seriously great juice – the flavor is bang on and mellow, but hits the right notes on flavor. Nice dessert e-juice at a great price. I’ve been vaping for 2 years now and I can def. say that this juice is worth your time.

    My only qualm is that I wish it came in a higher VG ratio as higher PG juices are quick to dissipate in drippers. Great beginner juice as well.

  3. lando

    This flavor is quite good. 50/50 ratio with some Bavarian creme, it almost tastes like a cinnabon roll. Great throat hit in my patriot. It has become a great coffee vape and a late night vape for me. My only issue is the next time I will ask for a double shot of bavarian creme, if I can get it that is.
    I suggest you give it a shot.

  4. Alexandria

    Great flavour! Can’t wait to experiment with Green Apple and make some Apple Jacks!

  5. Alice

    I just combined this with Strawberry, and OMG it’s so tasty! It’s complex with just the right amount of spice. When I vaped this combo it reminded me of a crumbly strudel type vape, I absolutely would try it if I were you!

  6. sam-noonan

    By far cinnamon is my favorite flavor. Use it straight, mixed with anything it’s just so good. Thanks guys.

  7. Cindy

    This had a little bit more of a kick than I was expecting, but in a good way. While I liked it on its own, when mixed with Apple Pie or Cherry it’s *amazing*.

  8. Steve

    Ok, this is one outstanding juice. I have been searching for a smooth warm cinnamon vape for a very long time. So many of them from other venders were just too hot. Not this one. Smooth, warm bakery cinnamon with a brilliant bakery element tucked underneath. How smooth? I vape it in a dripper at 0.5 ohms kinda smooth. Now, Add some Vanilla Cupcake to your liking for an extra serving of icing and you are in Cinnabun heaven. I have had bystanders comment about that aroma on the street. Oh yeah, if you do what I did and order a 15ml sampler, it will not last long enough to steep so do yourself a favor and order a bigger bottle from the start.

  9. Melanie

    New Fav !!! I mix it with Cloven Hoof. So Yum !!!

  10. lynda

    Tastes Really good with Glazed donut.. I must say YUMMY!!

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