Fit for kings, this decadent mix of chocolates has it all. Luscious waves of light and dark chocolate blend in the most splendid ways imaginable. Use it as your primary if you want that ‘dipped in chocolate’ flavor, or try it as a secondary or third flavor for a lighter chocolatly note.

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  1. HerekittyKitty

    Ohhhh My My Chocolate is absolutely wonderful on its own this is one i will keep ordering. It mixes very well with Strawberry & Raspberry. I’m curious how it will mix with Peanut butter!

  2. Raven

    distinct chocolate taste – mix it with cherry gives a clean cherry start that then becomes enveloped in smooth chocolate.

  3. Alexandria

    Great with Peanut Butter or my Peppermint/Ice blend!

  4. harland.amy

    I’m a fruit flavour kinda girl…. but Chocolate mixed with Strawberry is the perfect combination of a tart start with a sweet finish! Like eating a chocolate covered strawberry =-)

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