Cream-Filled Snack Cake

Twinkie, Twinkie, copycat, how I wonder where you’re at? Wonder no longer Mr. Dormouse! A light and delicate vanilla sponge cake that engulfs a creamy center, a tea party favorite!

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  1. Atom

    I first tried this at the vape meet. I was instantly hooked! Tastes just like a real Twinkie but even better somehow. Very nice dessert vape. Tastes similar to yellow cake but I prefer the twinkies extra sweetness.

  2. Crystal

    It tastes like a twinkie! Very sweet, soft vanilla flavor just like those spongy cream filled delicacies we all love. This is almost, almost an ADV for me. It’s a bit on the sweet side though but it sure curbs a sweet tooth!

  3. James

    This flavor is excellent! Definitely recommend trying it to everyone.
    It is a nice sweet flavor that I use as an all day vape.try it you’ll love it!

  4. Gordon

    As close to an ADV as I can get. Sweet & creamy. It is a must for any order I place

  5. biilllyyyy

    This is a really nice liquid all on its own, then I added some Lemon Curd and wow!!! Labeling 10\10 Service 10\10 Price 10\10

  6. Jonathan

    Delicious. I got it mixed with vanilla custard and it’s just like the real thing. I’d like for the sponge cake flavour to stand out a bit more, though. 4/5

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