Chocolate Fudge Brownie

When a sweet tooth strikes you, we’ve got you covered with this dose of rich and dark chocolate brownie infused with chocolate chips to take you over the edge to heaven. The flavors are deep and complex and pairs beautifully with creams and some fruits. This flavor is also best left to steep for a few days with the cap off to let the layers of flavors meld together into a gooey masterpiece.

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Rating: 3.8/5 (20 votes cast)


  1. IDontSmoke

    This smelt so good when I vaped it that people came from all directions to ask what the smell was. All-in-all, my favourite flavour!

  2. Smashrails

    Delicious. Not sure how you guys did it but it really does taste like chocolate brownies. The only negative side is my girlfriend said it smells like a cigar, but I think it smells amazing. All in all I highly recommend this to anyone that loves a rich chocolate taste.

  3. Alexandria

    Such a rich, deep chocolate vape. It tastes exactly like a fresh, gooey, moist brownie loaded with chocolate!

  4. trantix

    The description says it all !!! Very strong but ohhhhh so good, I usually vape this one right after dinner, I tried to mix it with many others but as the description says its way to over powering so I suggest leaving it as is since its perfect anyways. If you like chocolate and brownies you GOT to try this one it wont disappoint :)

  5. zedsdead

    Tastes very very close to a real fudge brownie, love it.

  6. sam-noonan

    I mix this with peanut butter but everywhere I vape it they say they smell a fresh baked chocolate cake lol. Love it.

  7. delutis

    taste like a dark chocolate fudge brownie…very strong chocolate flavour

  8. Tim

    Great Vape! I let this steep for awhile which was mighty hard to do but it was well worth the wait. If you like dark chocolate your going to love this juice. I find this leaves a brownie after taste in my mouth for awhile, LOVE THAT!

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