Banana Split

Yum, so many different aspects to this vape; banana and whipped cream on the inhale, chocolate, and cherries on the exhale. As with any of the more complex flavors, this one does well with some steeping, I’d say at least 48 hours. Right off the hop, strangely enough, the banana tastes a bit green. It’s good, but give it a bit of time to ripen! Definitely one of my favorite dessert vapes!

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  1. captpln8

    Got this flavor at a vape meet. I was surprised at the complexity of the flavor. Definitely a good vape! Probably one of the better ones and it tastes like it has sweetener in it.

  2. Alice

    This is a very sexy vape!! ;D Chocolate and cherry oh my! Smooth and multi leveled. Creamy and smooth. I’ve said it before on many reviews but this one begs to get mixed with Southern Star, that could possibly be the best combo ever. We shall see!
    The banana in this mix is superb.

  3. lynda

    Omg this one is lovely, Very smooth bang on taste & creamy , I mix this with coconut, it is out of this world, It takes your taste buds to a different level. A fav of mine..

  4. Jonathan

    New. All. Time. Fave. It had steeped for a week before I got it. The banana flavour is great, and the chocolate note is perfect. The whipped cream note is also great. I’m waiting for it to steep a little longer, but I can’t pick up on the cherry much; I really hope it comes out with more steeping. Don’t get a 15ml of this stuff, you’ll regret not getting more! That’s the boat I’m in!

  5. Eldon

    I vaped this Banana Split as soon as I got it and it was made five days before that so it steeped some by the time it arrived to me. It was fantastic. I let it steep for another week and when I went back to it again it was out of this world. I only purchased a 15ml bottle to sample it and well that bottle lasted a day and a half it is so good. It tastes exactly like a banana split should. If you are on a diet as such as I am, this is the perfect go to flavour when you want dessert, but can’t have it.

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