Apple Pie

A favorite served at tea parties and other affairs. Light and flaky pastry covers perfectly spiced green apples, bubbling in in sugary goodness.

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  1. kidz14

    Picked up the tweedle-dum package and WOW this apple pie right here stood out the most, I’m loving this new lifestyle, taste sooo much better to then that previous one flavor i was doing (Acetone, Acetic Acid, Benzene, Tar… you all know the rest lol)

    I Would recommend this one to any apple pie lovers, it has such a kick of the actual pie, I’m lovin it :)

  2. Nikki

    Very flavorful and true to taste. A nice after dinner dessert.

  3. Alice

    Warm and delicious, the cooked apple really shines in this flavor. Bakery goodness! drool worthy for sure! You must try this flavor!

  4. andrew

    I’m always on the hunt for the great elusive apple pie vape. Pink spot is decent, gambit is delicious but not really an apple pie. This one here tops all true blue apple pie’s I’ve ever tried easily.

  5. Aric

    So far, this is my favorite! Tastes just like advertised. A great all day vape.

  6. Ed

    All I can say is. Yep it is apple pie, and it is great!

  7. Alexandria

    Warm and delicious vape!

  8. Greg

    WOW… warm apple pie right there!!!! Loving it

  9. danny

    was shocked! thought i actually had pie in my mouth!! 1x flavour boster in all of my juices!! this one is a AADV (almost all day vape)

  10. Tim

    This is def one of my fav’s. I love the tartyness from the apple. Now to experiment with some addins to make it that much better :)

  11. lancekrug90

    The only word I can think of too describe this flavour is… DELICIOUS!! It’s in my top 3 for sure!

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