Hot Chocolate

Nothing soothes the senses on a cool, fall day more than a rich cup of steaming hot chocolate. The creamy top note is perfect on a rich and sweet milk chocolate base and is also great mixed with a peppermint or another layer of cream.

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  1. Alice

    Light and frothy! Great with vanilla or peppermint or even cinnamon bun. A treat to your senses. :D

  2. Raven

    Tried this flavour mixed with peppermint and was hooked. Smooth, creamy and just the right amount of chocolate flavour. With the peppermint added it gives a little zing that blends perfectly – definitely try it out.

  3. danny

    tastes just like a scratch and sniff sticker from when i was a kid!!! mixed it with mint choc chip…. yea thats a winner!

  4. Jan

    Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!! I mixed Hot Chocolate with Irish Cream and it is a perfect vape!!! This is my morning vape that I have with my coffee. I seen a YouTube review on this mix and dead on!!!! Thank-you so much for offering the mixed flavour!!!!

  5. Celeste

    My favorite flavor to date! I love to have it on its own, or mix it with cheesecake, bavarian cream or caramel (tho all 4 are the best together! )

  6. lynda

    Amazing taste I also mixed this with peanut butter cookie it taste just like reeses chocolate bars… So many flavor’s you can add to this or by itself.. bang on taste.

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