Fruit Punch

A favourite Hawaiian inspired vape that reminds us of a fruit punch with the same name. It’s a great combination of sweet and tarty fruit notes and is also great paired up with other fruity notes such as banana and strawberry. What will you create for your fruit punch vape?

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Rating: 3.8/5 (12 votes cast)


  1. Smashrails

    Delicious. Tastes identical to Hawain Punch. Best vape so far.

  2. Atom

    My favorite flavour by far, I vape it all day. Like smashrails said above, tastes exactly like Hawaiian Punch.

  3. Anik

    I’m addictive to this flavour. It has been my favorite for years. It’s awesome right from day one, but it gets even better with age. That’s if I don’t use all up before I can get it to age!

    No one out there can make a better fruit punch so stop looking.

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