Ekto Drink

You’ll keep coming back to the addictive combination of a slightly sweet tangerine and a burst of orange sunshine. Lovers of this flavor say it tastes like the Hi-C juiceboxes of our youth and is great paired with a artisan beer on a patio.

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  1. J.M. Sobieski

    The Ecto Cooler takes me right back to 5th grade, when I would swap any desirable cookies in my lunchbox for a box of the coveted EC (as we were not allowed juice boxes in our house). One puff and I’m back in Mr. Willard’s classroom tasting that prohibited beverage, ahhhh…5/5.

  2. mdmathias

    Excellent flavour, just like drinking the juice box.

  3. captpln8

    Great all-day vape.Tastes just like ecto-cooler. Has the citrus hit in the nose when exhaling thru the nostrils.

  4. kyle

    Great flavour, very cool and refreshing. Good stuff!

  5. Celeste

    Very strong flavor, nice and tangy. Does taste just like the juice box!

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