Not exactly C or P, this cola is somewhere in the middle. This flavors pairs nicely with a rich rum, a vanilla, or a sweet cherry top note.

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  1. Edster74

    Cola is the staple drink to mix with. Whether it be Cherry (4/5), Regular (4/5) and my personal Favorite..Vanilla (5/5). It is like you are drinking one of them instead of Vapeing.!!!

  2. Atom

    Another one of my favourites, tastes just like those gummy cola bottles. Brings me back to the good old days when penny candies were a penny, and the penny still existed!

    You cant go wrong with this flavour.

  3. sam-noonan

    This cola is fantastic. Great on its own and perfect mixed with some rum or cherry. You guys know how to make juice that is just super good all around.

  4. delutis

    we got the cola with a mix of vanilla and it is the spitting taste of a vanilla coke and wife’s new all day vape

  5. Maxwell

    Reminds me of those little soda candies you got at the store in days of old… Tastes great mixed with Rum!!

  6. Celeste

    Just like a coke slurpie from 7-11 !

  7. Jonathan

    Get this mixed with rum. You won’t regret it one bit. My favourite drink was rum & coke and this hits it bang-on. It’s a little more candy-like than carbonated soda-like, but this stuff is still great!

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