Caramel Mochaccino

A rich caramel sits on top of a dark espresso and topped with fresh dairy cream to take you away to a relaxing place where time stands still. The taste is magical and multi-faceted.

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  1. Alice

    Creamy caramel divinity wraps around each swirl you inhale of this masterpiece of a flavor. Light and rich, requires no steeping. :D It begs to be vaped along with dessert but if you’re lacking in the brownie department, it will satisfy. I’ve heard legends of being mixed with vanilla and hot chocolate. I love it all by itself. Do yourself a favor and try it, you won’t be let down by it’s caramel decadence. :D

  2. trantix

    If you like your mocha’s and coffee’s then this one is for you !!! It is full of flavor and taste like the real thing :) Now you don’t have to just drink your Mocha, You can vape it !!!
    I recently decided to explore with this flavor and I added some cheesecake to it and boy was I surprised, It turned out amazing and I would recommend on your next order to buy both this and the cheesecake and try it mixed, You wont be disappointed. :) Enjoy and Vape On !!

  3. Shannon

    I mixed this with a cheesecake base and got something that very strongly reminded me of the caramel corn my mom bought us for christmas every year when I was a kid. It’s sort of a nostalgic flavour for me. But even if it wasn’t I still really enjoy this flavour on it’s own. It’s fairly bold and not overly sweet. It’s a fave of mine

  4. estellelandry

    It’s delicious, the perfect start to my mornings

  5. saphyre24

    This one is awesome to me! The coffee/caramel mix is great first thing in the morning especially. But overall it’s great for all day vaping!

  6. Ed

    Dead on flavour this one. Another of my favourites

  7. averyvisentin

    Amazing flavour. Can’t stop vaping it!

  8. novo_aqua

    i just cant get enough of this one, i love it so much. i was ready to give up vaping because of my stuborness in finding the perfect tobacco taste vape wich i cant find . then a nice friend sent me a sample of this e liquid to try it and boom i was hooked. i am smoking less real cigs now that i can vape this wonder. :)

  9. Eldon

    I read all the previous reviews before ordering this Caramel Mochaccino. I do like the Caramel Mocha from Starbucks on occasion and at first this didn’t taste anything like that at all. In fact to be perfectly honest, I hated it and tried to pawn it off on a friend. He said no and so it sat in a closed drawer or about a week. When I initially ordered it, it took approximately six days to come in due to Easter Weekend and Canada Post. After initial vape, I poured it out of the tank and back into the bottle thinking what did I do? Well a week later I tried it again and let me tell you. I have tried many juices in the past two years and this one is one of the best and my most favorite. Just give it approximately two weeks to steep and I am sure you will love it too.

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