Blue Raspberry Slush

Straight out of the slush machine from your local convenience store.  Sweet, tart, blue.

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  1. Lacie

    I am a blue raspberry lover! This is an amazing vape, and keeps getting better with age. Thank you for making another favorite guys!

  2. matthewbensette123

    recommend this 100% so yummy I love it!

  3. brettiler1994

    Blue Raspberry flavours are definitely my go to every vape. Great imitation of Blue Slush Puppies. Better with age, a little bit of the sour additive and I personally get the 1.5x flavour boost.

  4. harland.amy

    My all time favourite vape was Sour Patch Kids by a local vape shop, even though it ate through coils like no other…. the perfect combination of raspberry, sour, with a hint of sweet. It was suggested that I try Blue Raspberry Slush if I was looking to try and match that flavour… I just cracked open my 30mL bottle of it, and I’m in heaven. Next order? 120mL bottle with 1.5 Flavour Boost!

  5. Anik

    This will be one of my favorite flavours!

    If you like fruit flavours especially raspberry or if you like Vapeme’s fruit punch this one will not disappoint!

    It has just the right amount of sweet and sour. I could drink it right out of the bottle!

  6. totb

    A lil white rabbit told me “Try the Blue Raspberry Slush…”

    (Seriously…it’s replaced the ADV I’ve been going steady with for OVER a year!)

  7. lancekrug90

    A friend recommended I try this and man am I sure glad I did… now me and my fiancé are hooked!! Taste just like a true blue raspberry slushy!!

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