Purity (X-PUR)


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Sometimes simple is best. You quit smoking to stop putting unknown elements into your lungs, well Purity is as clean as it gets. Purity contains only VG, PG, and Nicotine, and vapeme.net even allows you to cater these three elements to your own personal needs. As an added bonus, the price drops as you drop the level of your Nicotine!

Purity is NOT flavorless. It’s mildly sweet, and the Nicotine adds a hint of spice that could be described as peppery. It’s actually quite nice once the distraction of flavor concentrates are removed. It is also smooth as it gets. Your throat, and lungs will thank you!

Increase the amount of VG if you want a thicker liquid, and more clouds. Choose Salt Nicotine if you want an even smoother vape. This makes a big difference as the level of Nicotine increases!