PuffUP PowerUp 5k


The Power UP 5k by Puff UP is a disposable vape that can deliver all 5000 puffs with no charging required! no need to bring a charger with you, just vape and go. Puffup is specially designed to contain its large 2000mah battery in a compact smooth shell. Featuring 10ml of 20mg Real 50 Nic (some of the best E-Juice we have had the pleasure of vaping), the COREX Coil Technology boosts the flavours to new heights. Without the need to charge, Puff up has created a hassle free vape that just works!

10ml 20mg Nicotine Salts
TopPower Battery 2,000mah No recharging needed
COREX Coil Technology (1.2 Ohm) enhanced flavour retention
Up to 5000 puffs

It Includes:
1x PuffUP Power Up 5K Puff Disposable Vape

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