Breeze Elite 4000



Enhance your vaping experience by immersing yourself in the world of the Breeze disposable vapes – the BREEZE SMOKE ELITE EDITION. This innovative iteration sets a new standard for disposable vapes, boasting a formidable 1200mAh battery that extends its vitality beyond the acclaimed Breeze Pro. Offering an enticing array of 8mL e-juice flavors and featuring a user-friendly exceptional vaping journey, seamlessly blending power and elegance.


  • 1200mAh Battery: The BREEZE SMOKE ELITE EDITION comes equipped with a substantial 1200mAh battery, ensuring extended usage between charges. Say goodbye to constant recharging and hello to uninterrupted vaping pleasure.
  • 8ml of E-Juice: Indulge in 8ml of high-quality e-juice, delivering bold and captivating flavors that tantalize your taste buds. With this generous e-juice capacity, your vaping enjoyment knows no bounds.
  • 4000 Puffs: With a whopping 4000 puffs, the BREEZE SMOKE ELITE EDITION ensures that you’re ready for the long haul. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, this reliable companion promises to deliver satisfaction with each puff.


Battery Capacity : 1200 Ultra-Powered Non-rechargeable Battery

E-Liquid Capacity : 8ml

Nicotine Strength : Synthetic 50

Puffs: 4000

Availible In: Synthetic 50

Synthetic 50 is made with Synthetic nicotine which is a synthesized form of nicotine produced in FDA approved facilities with absolutely no tobacco constituents.

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