Vanilla Custard



vanilla custard e-Liquid Flavor


The Rabbits vanilla custard e-liquid is new & improved now as a diacetyl-free version of an old favorite. Rich vanilla bean is added to a creamy custard base and the result is an amazing inhale and exhale experience.

This flavor stands all on its own and is also great paired as a mixer with so many other flavors on our menu. As with multi-layer dessert vapes, this flavor is great to vape right off, but if you’ve got the patience to give this one a few days to a week to steep, it just keeps getting better!



    Vanilla Custard e-liquid is available in a wide variety of VG options. Twenty-one nicotine strengths are available. This e-liquid is perfect for a quick indulgence in the morning or a longer session in the evening. As an all-day vape, you can take it at any time.

    Create your own custom e-Liquid!

    First choose your size, nicotine and VG percentages. Next, you have the option to add up to three flavors, but remember, the primary flavor will be the dominant one. Two and three flavor combinations are more complex, and sometimes require a few days to coalesce into perfection.

    This e-liquid comes in a variety of sizes. Please note that freshly-made liquids may require time to steep to bring out the full flavor.

    • Rich vanilla bean with a creamy custard base
    • Reminiscent of the best vanilla custard flavor, all in vape form
    • Diacetyl-free version of an old favorite
    • Available in a wide variety of VG options
    • Comes in a variety of nicotine concentrations
    • Enjoy this all-day vape in the morning or evening