Joyetech eGo One CLR RBA Replacement Coils (5 Pack)


The CLR Atomizer Head is a newly designed atomizer head made for the eGo One.

Compared to the traditional eGo One CL atomizer heads, the “R” stands for Reusable, Rewickable and Rebuildable. The CLR features a unique body design, allowing users to conveniently replace the cotton and customize the coil resistance to their preference.

Organic cotton is  used for wicking material of the CLR, which provides robust flavor

The CLR Atomizer Head comes pre-built with organic cotton. The cotton can easily be replaced as needed.

Rebuildable and Reuseable  
The CLR Atomizer Head is a unique type of RBA. If you are an advanced user, the CLR Atomizer Head can easily be taken apart, so that a new coil can be installed with ease. For standard users, the CLR Atomizer Head can easily be reused when the coils accumulate buildup. Simply remove the cotton, dry burn the coils, let it cool, and then run the coil under cold water. After the coil is dry, new cotton can now be applied to the coil for use.

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