SMOK Stick Prince Kit

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Smok Stick Prince Kit (w/ TFV12 Prince)

In line with the other Stick Series Kits, the Stick Prince is solidly constructed and built to last. The entire body of the battery portion is made with premium aluminum-zinc metal, while the tank structure and chimney are fabricated with high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. Both metals represents alloy blends, which are exceptionally sturdy, resilient, and corrosion-resistant. Both the battery and tank are then dual-coated in weather-resistant paint, further protecting the device from the elements.

The SMOK Stick Prince comes complete with the legendary and highly-coveted TFV12 Prince Tank. This marvelous device is widely used by vapers from across the globe, and delivers truly unmatched vapor and flavor production. Helping to provide for a clean, pure, and accurate flavor profile is the 100% pure borosilicate glass reservoir that houses the tank’s e-juice. This is due to the fact that glass is entirely unaffected by the acidity found within e-juice, which deteriorates plastic tanks. Moreover, SMOK included a premium Delrin drip tip as the mouthpiece for the Stick Prince. This engineering thermoplastic is able to endure high levels of heat while remaining cool to the touch.

Furthering the spectacular vaping experience offered by the SMOK Stick Prince is the highly-precise airflow control valve that is integrated within the tank. Utilizing the adjustment wheel, you can accurately increase or decrease the volume of air that enters the tank when taking a drag. In turn, you are afforded the ability to enjoy tighter or airier hits, according to your liking. In addition, the capacity to regulate the Prince Tank’s air intake also enables you to warm up or cool down the produced vapor, thereby increasing customization and versatility.

One of the most innovative, useful, and convenient attributes of the SMOK Stick Prince Kit is its groundbreaking top-fill e-juice system. Requiring absolutely no separation of the tank from the battery, or removal of the base, this spectacular arrangement enables you to refill the tank directly from the top of the device. Even more impressive is that unlike other top-fill systems, the SMOK Stick Prince eliminates the need to unscrew the top-cap in order to access the juice ports. Rather, you may simply press a spring-loaded button, which will cause the top-cap to pop open while remaining attached to the tank’s body on a hinge. Once the refill is complete, you can effortlessly close and lock the cap back on, with no mess or hassle of any kind.

In line with the entire Stick Series of premium vaporizers, SMOK engineered absolutely extraordinary atomizer coils to pair with the TFV12 Prince Tank. With numerous coil resistances and variations available, you can select the one that best suits your needs. Regardless of the specific model you select, each one is equipped with 12 individual juice holes, thereby delivering unrivaled flavor robustness and intensity. Moreover, the wicks used within all of the variations are made with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton, which is wholly free of contaminants, such as bleach, pesticides, colorants, or fungicides. This further enhances the richness and accuracy of the flavor profile, and provides for a markedly more enjoyable hit.

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SMOK Stick Prince Kit Specifications:

  • Manufactured by: SMOK
  • Threading: 510
  • Battery Material: Aluminum-Zinc
  • Tank Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • E-Juice Reservoir Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Battery Capacity: 3,000
  • E-Juice Capacity: 8ml
  • Voltage Range: 3.4V – 4.2V
  • Standby Current: <200Ua
  • Available Colors: Stainless, Black, Blue, Red, Rainbow
  • Battery Height: 3.35 Inches (85mm)
  • Battery Diameter: 0.96 Inches (24.5mm)
  • Tank Height: 2.48 Inches (63mm)
  • Tank Diameter: 1.1 Inches (28mm)
  • Total Weight: 5.24 Ounces (148.5g)


SMOK Stick Prince Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Stick Prince Battery
  • 1 x TFV12 Prince Tank
  • 1 x V12 Prince M4 Atomizer Coil (0.17 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x V12 Prince M4 Atomizer Coil (0.17 Ohms)
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Bag of Spare Parts
  • 1 x User Manual