Hi guys, I didn’t expect to be addressing you all so soon after my last update, but things are changing rapidly, I’m just rolling with the punches and trying to keep you all served to the best of my abilities!

So, here’s the rundown; In light of the current situation in Windsor, with kids home from school, and most public gathering places being closed, I’ve given my employees the option of being laid off so they can stay safe, take care of their families, and collect whatever EI they are eligible for.

Unfortunately, that leaves just me. One lonely rabbit to serve you all. Don’t panic. I can do this. But I’ll need your patience and loyalty now more than ever with the adjustments I’ll have to make. There are pros and cons to these changes:

1)The front shop is closed til this blows over. I can make the e-liquid and fulfill all your orders, but I can’t man the shop at the same time. This means there will be no cash, or in-store payment, orders must be placed, and paid for online. I know many of you like calling the shop, and just coming in, but unfortunately this is what must be sacrificed at the moment. Please adjust with me, and take the time to set up your vapeme.net user account, I’ve always been able to serve you better when you’ve been registered. There’s always been a phone and in-store surcharge for our custom e-liquid, ordering online, you save that surcharge, and can use our coupons. FYI, it’s 15% off e-liquid for new users, and then 10% off on every returning visit!

2)Local pickup on the site is now a scheduled pickup. I will be in the shop (167 Tecumseh Rd. W.) between 3-4pm daily. This is for pickup only, the order must be placed, and paid for, online. As soon as I see the order come in, you will be emailed a confirmation for your pickup, place your order by 1:30pm and the odds of it being ready for pickup (or delivery) same day is highly likely. I will bring your order to the door. New customers will be age verified.

3)A new option has been added to the site I think you’ll all like. Same day courier delivery! On orders over $50, it’s free! Orders under $50, only $4! Gas is cheap right now, these numbers may change slightly over the next few months, but I’m not out to make a profit on delivery, I just want to make sure everyone can get their orders quickly during this adjustment! For now, deliveries will be done after 5pm daily. New customers will be age verified.

4)Online chat has been added to the site. Please take advantage of it!  With the front shop closed, I realize it’ll be a little trickier to troubleshoot you when required, but I’m a pro problem solver and a fast typist, try me! It’ll be just me manning it for now, but if enough of you take advantage of it, it’ll put at least one of our guys back to work! I’m online a lot, but I will be spending a lot more time in the lab, so be patient, if I’m not manning the chat, open a ticket, or email me directly at [email protected], I’ll be back to you asap!

5)Canada Post shipping orders (outside of Windsor) I’ve changed from free over $100, to free over $75, thank you, as always to my out of towners, stay safe guys, and know I’m still here for you in every capacity I’ve always been.

I’m making a lot of changes at once here, please bear with me while I implement this system and let me know if you run into any bugs or questions! Stay safe and sane, we can’t wait to put things back to normal!

Mike “The White Rabbit” Hart

vapeme.net Inc.